NASCAR Green, An Industry Effort

Each weekend from February until November, NASCAR races to the green flag at tracks across the United States. One of the largest and most popular spectator sports in the country, NASCAR’s fast-paced, close racing packs the grandstands and attracts millions to television sets and social media for 38 weekends a year.


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Green Stories

Green Facts

  • American Biofuel Powers Prosperity and NASCAR

  • NASCAR has planted over 180,000 trees to date, offsetting all NASCAR racing for the next eighteen years!

  • Sunoco green E15 fuel emits 20% less greenhouse gas emissions than unleaded gasoline.

  • With the support of The Arbor Day Foundation, NASCAR’s Race to Green program allows fans to plant trees in areas of need across the US.

  • Planting over 8,000 trees (in just 2013) captures 100% of the carbon produced on track at all NASCAR sanctioned events.

  • NASCAR Green has the largest and most diverse recycling programs in sports and the most visible biofuels program in the world.

  • NASCAR fans are more than 50% more likely to support the use of ethanol blended with gasoline to fuel their own car.

  • The signing event for the 2012 Memorandum of Understanding, entered between the EPA and NASCAR for collaboration on a number of key green projects, was tweeted to 1 Million fans.

  • NASCAR fans are 70% more likely than non-fans to support the use of ethanol blended with gasoline to fuel NASCAR race cars.

  • In 2013, NASCAR announced new partnerships with the Natural Resources Defense Council and the US Department of Energy.

  • NASCAR has one of the largest tree planting programs in sports with partner UPS.

  • Pocono Raceway has the largest solar energy project in all of sports.

  • Approximately 3 out of 4 avid NASCAR fans are aware of NASCAR Green and believe it shows NASCAR cares about the environment.

  • When compared to non-fans, NASCAR fans are approximately twice as likely to indicate their household is very green – always looking for new ways to positively impact the environment.

  • NASCAR has run over 5 million miles on Sunoco Green E15.

  • Since 2008, 5 million containers have been recycled annually in NASCAR partners Coca-Cola Recycling and MillerCoors.

  • Over 200,000 gallons of automotive fluids are recycled in NASCAR annually by NASCAR partner Safety-Kleen.


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