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Green Facts

  • American Biofuel Powers Prosperity and NASCAR

  • NASCAR has planted over 180,000 trees to date, offsetting all NASCAR racing for the next eighteen years!

  • Sunoco green E15 fuel emits 20% less greenhouse gas emissions than unleaded gasoline.

  • With the support of The Arbor Day Foundation, NASCAR’s Race to Green program allows fans to plant trees in areas of need across the US.

  • Planting over 8,000 trees (in just 2013) captures 100% of the carbon produced on track at all NASCAR sanctioned events.

  • NASCAR Green has the largest and most diverse recycling programs in sports and the most visible biofuels program in the world.

  • NASCAR fans are more than 50% more likely to support the use of ethanol blended with gasoline to fuel their own car.

  • The signing event for the 2012 Memorandum of Understanding, entered between the EPA and NASCAR for collaboration on a number of key green projects, was tweeted to 1 Million fans.

  • NASCAR fans are 70% more likely than non-fans to support the use of ethanol blended with gasoline to fuel NASCAR race cars.

  • In 2013, NASCAR announced new partnerships with the Natural Resources Defense Council and the US Department of Energy.

  • NASCAR has one of the largest tree planting programs in sports with partner UPS.

  • Pocono Raceway has the largest solar energy project in all of sports.

  • Approximately 3 out of 4 avid NASCAR fans are aware of NASCAR Green and believe it shows NASCAR cares about the environment.

  • When compared to non-fans, NASCAR fans are approximately twice as likely to indicate their household is very green – always looking for new ways to positively impact the environment.

  • NASCAR has run over 5 million miles on Sunoco Green E15.

  • Since 2008, 5 million containers have been recycled annually in NASCAR partners Coca-Cola Recycling and MillerCoors.

  • Over 200,000 gallons of automotive fluids are recycled in NASCAR annually by NASCAR partner Safety-Kleen.


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