Green Earth Technologies Brings Green Cleaning to NASCAR

Florida based Green Earth Technologies (GET) joined the stable of Official NASCAR Green Partners in 2012. GET’s G-CLEAN® pressure washers and environment-safe cleaning products and degreasers for concrete, home siding and outdoor mold and mildew stain removal offer NASCAR fans a green alternative to use on their homes.  In 2012, GET also established a partnership with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s Design for the Environment program (DfE), certifying its products as effective and safer for human health and the environment. NASCAR also entered into a broad, voluntary collaboration with the EPA in 2012 to raise awareness about the benefits of green products and solutions that have earned the DfE label.  Green Earth Technologies, Inc. (G.E.T.) (OTC Bulletin Board: GETG.BB) is a “totally green” clean tech company that combines domestically sourced renewable and reusable base stocks with proprietary technologies molded around the four ideologies of being GREEN: biodegradable, recyclable, renewable and environment safe.

G-CLEAN(R) Concentrated Dissolvable Detergent Pouches:

“Just one concentrated 1.5 oz dissolvable detergent pouch equals a full gallon (8lbs) of concentrated cleaners” ~ WHO WANTS TO SHIP or CARRY WATER?

“Grown & Made in the USA,” G-CLEAN(r) outdoor cleaning products use domestically sourced plant oils to create 1-4 nanometer sized  “micelles” to penetrate dirt, breaking it into billions of little particles that constantly repel each other until eaten by the micro-organisms and bacteria currently living in the ground. All ingredients are listed on the EPA ‘Cleangredient List” as products will not harm the environment by being absorbed into the ground or traveling into our waterways.

G-CLEAN Concentrated Dissolvable “detergent” Pouches are superior performing cleaning and degreasing solutions that now put the power of these nanometer sized micelles into your pressure washer.  The highly concentrated (64X concentrated) dissolvable pouches are the only pressure washer cleaning products that can go directly through the pump for high pressure-high foaming BETTER – FASTER – GREENER cleaning…satisfaction guaranteed!

ULTIMATE BIODEGRADABLE* and environment safe, G-CLEAN      Concentrated Dissolvable Pouches can be applied at high pressure (up to 4,000 pounds per square inch {PSI}) while lubricating and conditioning the pressure washer’s pump, pistons and seals…extending the life of your pressure washer. The nanometer-sized micelles deeply penetrate dirt and grime for easy cleaning and stain remover. The 64X concentrated dissolvable pouches are designed for use in a G-CLEAN High Pressure Detergent Injector (sold separately and available at The Home Depot for $19.99) or to quickly dissolve in a gallon of water.  Just one 1.5 OZ concentrated dissolvable pouch equals the same cleaning power of an 8lb – 1 gallon concentrated cleaner and can be further diluted to make up to 21 gallons of detergent.

Three types of G-CLEAN Concentrated Dissolvable Pouches are available in a 3-PACK at The Home Depot, retailing for $9.99:

1.     Siding & All Purpose

2.     Concrete Cleaner & Degreaser

3.     Mold & Mildew Stain Remover



Applies G-CLEAN Dissolvable Detergent Pouches at High Pressure for deep cleaning. Injector Connects between your garden hose and pressure washer inlet. Inserted G-CLEAN Dissolvable Detergent Pouch dissolves quickly when water is turned on. Detergent flows through the pressure washer pump.